Photo 2 Jun 46 notes declaring a testimony is good, but being a living example of the restored gospel is better. 
Better to Look Up

declaring a testimony is good, but being a living example of the restored gospel is better. 

Better to Look Up

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Why are there no decent blank tees for comping t-shirt designs?

Update: There are. Looks like I wasn’t looking in the right places.

Recently I’ve been designing a t-shirt for a friend, and for the life of me I couldn’t find any nice blank t-shirt artwork. So, I decided to fix that.


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Last week I had some tests done on my foot. An x-ray and some other stuff.

I have a small thing my primary doctor wanted me to check out with a specialist.

So on Friday I went to see a specialist at MGH. He did some more tests.

Each time I met with someone, I gave them my name and I filled out…

Text 10 Apr 6 C’s Plans and RACE!

1. Use the 6 C’s or Dr. Nielsen’s process to discuss a decision you have made in your role. (Go step by step)

     I use the 6 c’s often as I try to be the best teacher for the Elders Quorum that I can.  Once I had a huge lesson planned out and it was going to be great.  Then I was informed that the stake president was there and he needed most of the time.  I had to decided what I was going to teach in the 5 minutes that I had available. 

          a. identify the problem: the problem I identified was that I had material for an hour but the time of 5 minutes.  What is the most important thing?  What could I say that would help the members of my quorum the most?

          b. pray for guidance: I pray often as I prepare my lessons and right before I teach.  But I was praying a lot more this time.  I needed to know what to do, and I needed the answer quickly. 

          c. study the problem: I had the announcements and the opening parts of the meeting to study the problem.  I looked over my notes and the activities I had planned and I thought of the members of my class and what they needed the most. 

          d. make the decision: I realized that the most important thing that I could communicate to them was that we had living prophets.  I used one quick activity and focus the whole 5 minutes on this. 

          e. pray for confirmation: Once I made that decision it was time to go and unfortunately I didn’t take the time to pray for confirmation.  I was already praying so I looked for confirmation in how I felt and how the lesson played out. 

          f. act—do it: I had to act because I was up in front of the class and I had to go.  I handed out a one page handed out to everyone and gave them  1 minute to read it and find a todo. I then  showed them how they only had one page, but it was full of wonderful knowledge because the Apostles are called of God. It went very well.  

2. Why can a model like RACE help activities or events run smoother?

battle plan

No plan survives first contact with the real world, but by planning, you run over in your mind all the things that could happen.  Then when the things do happen you can be prepared and you have a plan in place to respond to the occurrence.   Also, plans help the people you are leading have confidence in you.  They can know the next step because you already told them what it would be, and they don’t have to wait to get a communication from you.  In stressful and or fast moving environments this is hugely valuable. 

Text 10 Apr Strengths and Weaknesses

1. Give an example of when you have utilized a strength or weakness in your role (you or someone else).

    I have the strength of public speaking.  By using techniques I can help those who many not be listening the best to tune in.  Once I was teaching and I was really trying to make a point.  I noticed that some guys sitting on the back row were talking.  I locked my gaze onto them and slowed my speech patterns down quite a bit until one of them noticed.  When he saw that I directing my attention at them, he reached out and quieted the others.  By using this and other public speaking techniques I feel like I am a better teacher in my Elder’s Quorum. 

2. Think about the strengths of your GPT and how they are working to better your results. 

    Our group is very strong.  Cameron is good at marketing and he moves forward quickly which helps us get things done. Matzen is great at executing and he is busy which helps us to save time.  Skyler is extremely reliable, and his soft-spoken manner draws the group together. Together we are doing very well on our projects. 

Text 10 Apr Communication! Improving! Listening!


Do you think you are effective at communicating and how can you improve?

     I think that I am a very good communicator.  When I communicate I think about the situation and try to give them all of the data that they need in order to make a decision.  If I am talking about a meeting, I make sure to mention the time and place as well.  

I know that I can improve in my communication as I strive to help others.  I often have one goal in communicating and that is to make sure they understand what I am saying and to take the appropriate actions.  I often don’t take the energy to listen to what they are saying and to try and see what I can do for them. 

By listening and seeking to understand them first, I believe that I can become a much stronger communicator. 

What are some new or different ways you learned to communicate that you will apply to your leadership role?

     Using analytical skills in communicating a new and different way.  I really enjoy public speaking and so my preparations usually focus on myself.  What my material is, how I want to present the material and so forth.  If I spent more time analyzing the audience and thinking what message would be the best to reach them, I could see even more success.  As a teacher especially, I think about that they need to hear but I am not particularly analytical in my preparations and I feel that is a good direction that I could go in order to improve.  

Realistically, what kind of listener are you? What can you do to become a better listener?

    Realistically I am a good listen.  I am an active listener and will sometimes try and solve peoples problems even when they don’t want them to be solved.  To improve, I think I could focus on what do they need.  What can I do for them?  What can I do right now that will help improve their day and make their path easier? 

By doing this type of active listening, I feel I could greatly improve. 

Text 10 Apr Divine Centered Leadership!

How will you apply the principles of Divine Centered Leadership to your role?

As a teacher, I am there to help others.  I should have no other motive in my teaching, but to learn first, for myself, the principles that I am supposed to teach, and then teach as clearly as possible those principles to my class.  The Savior was a teacher his whole life. He taught the people what they must do in order to inherit eternal life. This is also what I must do.  Not only that, but as a leader, the Savior had credibility because he did what he taught and he never faltered.  I need to make sure that my conduct is at such a level that I can teach my classmates and they will believe what I am saying because we actions speak the same principles as my words. 

What does being a “servant leader” mean to you?

     Being a “servant leader” means that instead of exercising authority over people, and giving out orders because you are a leader, you do as Christ did: serve them. Christ was a “servant leader” because He served others and let His example and kindness do the leading. A “servant leader” is someone who devotes all their efforts to serve those who they have stewardship over.  They do not lead for personal gain, or benefit, even though these things may come to them.  They lead to help others see and reach their potential. They lead in such a way that they build up the people around them and help them to become powerful leaders as well. 

Text 10 Apr Leadership Role!

What leadership roles do I have now? 

   I have several leadership roles. I have the continuous roles as a son, a brother, and a friend. I serve as the Elder’s Quorum instructor in my ward.  In my friend group, I often take the lead in activities and games as I try to help everyone have a good time.

What leadership qualities do I possess?

I care about others.  I truly want them to succeed and for them to realize their potential. I have an analytical mind and I have the ability to think through a situation and find the best outcome. For example if a line is moving slowly, I have the ability to find the bottlenecks and come up with a  few methods to remove them.  I  also have am a good planner.  I think through a situation from top to bottom and figure out what needs to be done first, and what actions require previous actions. 

Which leadership role will I focus on to apply the principles I learn in this class?  

     I will focus on my role as an Elder’s Quorum teacher.  This role is frequent and specific and I feel that it will provide ample opportunities for me to apply the principles that I learn and see myself improve. 

Text 10 Apr Networking!

What part of networking do you find most difficult? How do you plan to make it less difficult for you?

-The part of networking that I find most difficult is remembering what everyone needs and what they have to offer. I love meeting new people but I have a hard time remember everything about them. “ Jace is going to Africa, I could send him this article. But what is he majoring in?” I want to be a value adder to my network and not a value sapper.  This requires remembering what others need and helping them to get that.  I think that by being more organized I can make this less difficult for myself. Write down when I met someone, and what they are doing, and why I think I can help.  By keeping good records, I will decrease the worry that I might be missing something important for someone. 

Now that we are at the end of the class, how would have networking helped you as a leader in your leadership role?

-Networking would have helped me connect to the elders in my quorum. If you know someone better, you know what they need more, and you can help them more.  This is especially true as a teacher. If I could have gotten to know each of the elders more personally I would have had ideas and inspiration come to my mind. 

What will you do to specifically help overcome the fears you identified?

-I will be more organized.  One of my biggest fears is misusing my time.  I worry that there is something that I should be doing on this earth, and I am not.  By being much more organized with school, life, and business, I can know that I am working on something because I have decided that it is the most important thing that I could be working on. 

I will also start a system of organizing my contacts and my network in order to understand their needs, and the opportunities that I have to help them out. 

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